What does “dischargeable” mean?

Discharge: The right to file bankruptcy is granted to you in the U.S. Constitution.  

Consumer bankruptcy exists to give individuals and small businesses a way to get the debts under control, allowing them a chance at a fresh start. The basic concept of bankruptcy is to have a day (the day you file your case) and enact a plan that resolves all of your debt that exists up to that point, either through eliminating or repaying it.

The bankruptcy process has built-in test to ensure that people don’t abuse the system in order to discharge debts that they would otherwise be able to afford.  However, individuals who are struggling to pay their debts can receive assistance. Many types of debts (such as medical or credit card debt) are dischargeable, meaning that they can be eliminated or reduced through the bankruptcy process.  This is why it’s so important whether a type of debt is categorized as dischargeable.

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