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Want to keep up with student loans and bankruptcy in the news? We’ve got you covered.

November 2019

Business Insider: It’s almost impossible to get rid of student loan debt when filing for bankruptcy, but help may be on the way

CNBC: It’s not all about impeachment. These bills could impact your finances

Essence: What Will It Take To Rehabilitate Black Wealth?

October 2019

Knox County Village Soup: Maine, U.S. examine options for relief of student loan debt

September 2019

CNBC: Where the 2020 Democratic candidates stand on student debt

Sandusky Register: Student loan debt crushes a generation

Yahoo!: What Do the 2020 Democrats Want to Do About Education?

The Atlantic: The Democrats Aren’t Talking About Education Issues They Can Change

August 2019

LendEDU: For Those Filing For Bankruptcy, Student Loan Debt Still Lingers On

July 2019

Yahoo! Finance: Is Student Debt Relief on the Horizon? Here’s How 1 Senator Is Fighting for It

NPR: These Are The People Struggling The Most To Pay Back Student Loans

June 2019

CNBC: Student loan borrowers who say they were defrauded sue Betsy DeVos for failing to cancel their debt

Inside Higher Ed: Lawmakers Reconsider Bankruptcy for Student Loans

Diverse Education: Report: Student Loan Debt Thwarts Do-Over for Many Bankruptcy Filers

NBC Chicago: Durbin Pushes for Bankruptcy Bill To Wipe Out Borrowers’ Student Loan Debt

Chicago Tribune: Student loan debts could be wiped out through Durbin’s bankruptcy relief bill

May 2019

Augusta Chronicle: Letter: Student debt is ‘time bomb’

Daily Kos: Student Borrower Bankruptcy Relief Act

The Hill: Warren, Nadler introduce bill to allow student loan borrowers bankruptcy relief

CNBC: It could become easier for people with student debt to file for bankruptcy

Wall Street Journal: Lawmakers Plan Would Let Borrowers Cancel Student Loans in Bankruptcy (paywall) Katko, Democrats: Student loan debt should be eligible for bankruptcy relief

Vox: The 20-year argument between Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren over bankruptcy, explained